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How To Have A Good First Kiss

Ah yes, you have a first date and then comes the moment that you’ve been waiting for all night long: the first kiss. It can either be magical or completely awkward. A first date is stressful enough, but now you have to worry about the first kiss as well? Should you even have a kiss? Should you use tongue? Will this first kiss be any good? There are so many questions to ponder that you really should be prepared before it’s time for your first kiss. Follow the tips in this post to ensure that you’ll have a good first kiss.


The preparation for the first kiss begins long before the actual kiss takes place. Before you leave your home make sure you smell good. When you get close you want to make sure you have a pleasant smell. Moisturize your lips so that your partner won’t be kissing dry chapped lips. Brush your teeth and pop a breath mint as well so you can have good breath for that special moment.

Good timing

The success of a first kiss sometimes comes down to waiting for the right moment. If you go too early you may seem overly aggressive. If you wait too long the moment would have passed. So how do you know if it’s the right time? Well you’ll need to read the signs. This is everything from body language to how the date has progressed. You also need to wait until you’re at the right location. This is usually at the moment you’re about to say goodnight at the front door of their/your house.

The actual kiss

Now that you’ve found the right moment, it’s time to plant that long awaited first date kiss. You may think that it’s good manners to ask your date for a kiss, but nothing could be further from the truth. Kisses are to be stolen, not asked for. If you ask for a first kiss, you will ruin a potentially golden moment. So just lean in slowly and see if they also lean in. If they do, this is going to be a successful first kiss. If they move backward, don’t push it and just back off.

As for the actual kiss, make this first kiss a short and sweet one. Save the tongue and the fondling for a future date. If you give them a nice short kiss you would have guaranteed yourself a second date. If you want to add a little more spice to your first kiss consider touching their face as you plant a gentle kiss on their kiss.

If you follow the first date kiss tips in this blog post you’ll surely have yourself an unforgettable first kiss.

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